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Portland Raccoon Removal is a full-service wildlife control company specializing in the humane trapping and removal of raccoons and other wild animals in Portland, OR. Whether you have a problem with raccoons in your attic, under your house, tipping over garbage cans, digging up the yard, stealing pet food, pooping in your pool, or any other raccoon mischief we can solve it! The key to our wildlife control lies in our trapping expertise, and ability to employ the correct strategy for your specific wildlife problem. If you have raccoons in your attic for example, the key is in inspection of the attic and house, removal of the nest of baby raccoons, and the preventative work - we seal wild animals out of your house forever. We use humane trapping and relocation methods and we do not use poison! We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Raccoon Trapping and Relocation
  • House, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative Wildlife Exclusion Repairs
  • Raccoon Droppings Cleanup in Attic
  • Removal of Baby Raccoons in Attic By Hand
  • Poison-free Animal Removal and Prevention
  • Porch, Deck, or Shed Exclusion Barriers
  • Dead Raccoon Removal - Indoors and Out

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Portland raccoon trapping Portland's Best Raccoon Control: Raccoons are nothing short of a nuisance that you should get rid of on an urgent basis. Raccoons do not only damage your property extensively but possess a huge health risk that can affect you or your family if not taken care of properly. Our raccoon removal company understands the risks and problems associated with their presence which is why we provide raccoon removal services in the entire state. We are a family-run raccoon removal company that has been working alongside various businesses and private property owners for the last two decades and have effectively provided raccoon removal services. We are a professional company that gives the utmost importance and priority to our customers and ensures their safety and health are not compromised in the process. Our focus is on providing high-quality raccoon removal services at competitive prices. You can receive an estimate from us by giving us a call and setting an appointment for our inspection process. We quote you a market competitive price without any cost that is economical and feasible for all. Our vision involves caring for our customers which is why we also offer after removal service which focuses on looking after the damages left behind the raccoons. Our company offers cleaning and repair services that thoroughly fixes the damage caused by the raccoons such as to the insulation, vents, and even the electrical systems. We fix the damages and reduce the inefficiencies on your property. Not only this but we also provide you with knowledge as to how you can keep the raccoons at bay in the future; placing these traps and sealing the entry points prevents the raccoons from entering again. We are always available for our customers and can be contacted at any time; you can trust us for taking the best possible care of you and your property.

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We are Oregon's top experts in wildlife and raccoon control. We are not a typical Portland raccoon control or pest control company. We don't treat wild animals like insects, because they are not! You can't just use poison to get rid of them. You also can't just set a few traps on the ground and call it good. Each situation is unique. And remember, if you have raccoons living in your house, it is almost certainly a female with a litter of young inside. These juveniles must be removed by hand, or they will starve to death and die. And after they are gone, the entry holes into the house must be sealed with professional repairs. Unlike most Portland pest control, we focus on complete and permanent solutions, by following these steps:

  • Inspect the entire house, ground to roof, and the attic
  • Seal shut all entry areas with professional grade steel
  • If in attic, we remove the baby raccoons by hand
  • Technical and human raccoon trapping appropriate to situation
  • When necessary, we clean raccoon droppings and replace insulation

Portland Raccoon Control Tip: Is There a Way to Keep Raccoons Out of My Bird Feeder?
Raccoons or animals that will eat just about anything. If there is some source of food available, they will go for it. This means they will get into your trashcan, into your garden, even into your house or they can.

The problem is that you may have set food out for some other animals looking to give them a chance to get some grub. Maybe you have a bird feeder out, but day after day you see raccoons constantly stealing this food away from the birds before they get a chance to eat it. This leads you to wonder is there anything you can do to keep raccoons out of your bird feeder?

Go High to Keep Them Away
There are some things you can do to keep raccoons away. One of the best of these is to place the bird feeder and a location that is too high up for the raccoon to be able to reach. Many purchase a pole that the bird feeder can sit on. If it is eight or 10 feet off the ground, it would be extremely difficult for the raccoon to get to it.

As a word of caution, make sure the poll is firmly in place. If the raccoon is able to figure out that by pushing on the pole he can get food to fall from the bird feeder, he will continually return to keep trying.

You can also hook their bird feeder underneath the eaves of your home. This also makes it difficult for the raccoon to be able to reach, but there is a cost into this as well. If the raccoon is able to get onto your roof and is able to reach the bird feeder he can, at the very least, knock it to the ground and steal the food. Make sure that the fear is far enough from the edge so that it is impossible for the raccoon to reach it.

Don't Give It a Source
One thing that will keep a raccoon coming back is if it discovers that it can find food. We mentioned this before, but you must realize that the birds may inadvertently lead the raccoon to their bird feeder.

What happens as the birds are eating is that they will knock food out of the dish or feeder to the ground below. Raccoons will figure out that food is coming from above, and they will look to try to find a way to get to that food. You can buy special trays that will catch any food that falls from the bird feeder so that it never reaches the ground. This will not give an enticement to the raccoons.

Your generosity should not lead you to become frustrated by raccoons. You should be able to enjoy providing a tasty treat to birds without some critter taking that food away. These tips should hopefully help you to reach your goal. 

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